Abdullah Hamed Al shibani Trading LIC has been more than more 25 years in the market, located in Ibri Souq (market) and covering several businesses area: 

  • Mechanical and workshop tools.
  • Supplying of Oil and Gas field materials. 
  • Building materials shop.
  • Electrical materials shop. 
  • Hydraulic hose repairing workshop.  
  • Repairing water pump and mechanical machines.  
  • Lethe workshop  

Abdullah Hamed AL Shibani Trading specialized in providing customers their demands of materials and equipments with the quality required. The materials or part can be customized order parts to it's clients.

The site deleviry is available to deliver at any time. 

​​​​​For all requirement of building,  manufacture tools, materials and workshop    

High pressure hoses & fitting, Are & Car hoses and Repair brained hose. 

Safety material and Site 

Selling & Repairing Chainsaw

Water Pump & Hose/pipe Fitting
Oil and Gas material and equipment 
Electronic materials

Very highly specialized engineering for production spare parts for industrials and commercials propose. 

Hydraulic Hoses Repairing 

With expert with mechanical people, we provide rewinding service of motors, water pumps and submersible pump. we also provide repairing a wide range of water pump equipment such pressure pump, generator, welding machine, air compressor, drill machine, grinder, quality machine, grease gun and electrical home appliances. 

Mechanical and Workshop Tools

Lethe workshop

Building materials 

Repairing water pump & mechanic machine  

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Hydraulic Hose Repairing 

About us 

Our Business area  

Repairing water pump and mechanic machines.  

we have hired qualify mechanical employers for repairing all kind of chainsaw. 

This include, chain sharping, repairing, replacing spare part and cleaning chainsaw. We also sell a different brand range  of Chainsaw machine and parts.  

Lethe Workshop